About Us

Welcome to Magnum Manufacturing LLC the premier specialized, grain handling, fertilizer tendering manufacturer in the Upper Midwest. Magnum Manufacturing LLC is a female owned company.

Mission Statement:

To produce the highest quality agricultural equipment, with the most unique ingenuity, at an affordable cost to the customer. To pioneer new levels of customer satisfaction, employee morale, and fabrication of a good honest product. To be the leader in innovative agricultural solutions.

Magnum Manufacturing LLC debuted as Peterson Truck Equipment Inc., in 1978 owned, and operated by Ken Peterson. In 1988 Mr. Peterson decided to change the name from Peterson Truck Equipment to Magnum Manufacturing Inc., in order meet growing market share and to appeal to a broader customer base. The original plan of the company was to produce an agricultural truck box, used for hauling grain, which was manufactured better and priced lower than the Canadian competitor. In 2005 Ken's daughter decided to purchase the assets of the Inc., and began Magnum Manufacturing LLC.

From 1988 through the present day, major changes have taken place at Magnum. We have shifted the emphasis away from manufacturing only grain boxes, to more unique products that were in higher demand.

Some of the products include:

  • end dump trailers, used primarily for hauling beets
  • side and rear auger trailers; used for tendering (moving) seed and fertilizer
  • conveyor trailers that can also tender products

Both the auger and conveyor trailers also have a dual purpose, as the conveyor units can be removed, and the trailer can be used a grain trailer.